Wheatley Infants School 1922

  • Wheatley Infants School 1922
Archive Notes:

June 16th 1922, 47 present with Miss Flood - teacher with names

Front Row: Harry Munt, Maurice Holifield, Frank Dallymore, W. Mells, G. Gunn, F. Gunn, E. Whiting, K. Sheldon, W. Siggers

2nd Row: Ph. Smith, G. Bates, D. Munt, Th. Chapman, E. Brandum, M. Clements, D. Tombs,

R. Cross, Ph. Morris, A. Munt, Ph. Shepherd

3rd Row: E. Putt, V. Chandler, Ag. Clements, N. Munt, J. Merry, J. Hawes, Vera Chiddington,

D. Smith, B. Merry, F. Shepherd, W. Chiddington

4th Row: Ol. Jackson, V. Cobb, W. Munt, A. Chown, G. Down, Ed. Hilsden, J. Chapman, F. Davis,

L. Clements, A. Cox

Back Row: W. Allen, W. Howell, R. White, R. Seymour, H. Clemsom, Edwin Tombs plus Miss Flood

Harry Munt, an only child, was scolded to death when he fell into a copper kettle of boiling water when he tried to get an apple which hos mother kept on a shelf above this. This was reported amongst the memories of Phyllis Cox in Margaret Axford's book Tales from the Village Folk, pp 11-12.

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