Wheatley Infants School

  • Wheatley Infants School. Mrs Mason's class c.1969
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Wheatley Infants School. Mrs Mason's class c.1969 shortly before the school closed. Probably Miss Wren retired at this time. It is believed that the premises doubled up with the Youth Club for a few years before, in the early 1970s, being used by a playgroup for at least 15 years before conversion to a dwelling took place c. 1988.

Back Row: Vicky Plested, Valerie Taylor, Pauline Tull, Yvonne Harris, Leslie Tull, Samantha Blake, Susan Johnson, Carol Blake

3rd Row: Trevor Prior, Nicholas de Board, Paul Quarterman, Stephen Course, Michael Watts, Roger Brooks, Mark Purvis, James Parker, Richard Haughtin, Simon Wheeler,

2nd Row: Julie Kerry, Deborah Carr, unknown, Nicola Margetts, Susan West, Mrs Mason, Susan Ware, Beverly Price, Angela Price, Angela Clifford, Beverley Thompson, Jackie Roland

Front Row: David Shepherd, Clive Taylor, Garry Wright, Martin Kemp, Tim Cooper, Roger Robinson, unknown, Keith Bossom, Trevor Tumey, Michael Taylor

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