Wheatley Cricket Club (late 1960s)

  • Wheatley Cricket Club (late 1960s)
  • NWheatley Cricket Club (late 1960s) numbered to line up with names
  • Wheatley Cricket Club in the 1977 booklet
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Photo of Wheatley Cricket Club (late 1960s). It is not known whether the team then played on Greaves field south of the railway line, one field removed to the west from Jackie's Lane then, or whether they had moved to Holton by then.

1 Bonnie Martin, 2 David Clements, 3 Eddie Ratcliffe, 4 Tony Kibble, 5 Unknown 6 Clive Wright, 7  Jack Hanks, 8 Unknown 9 Les Tombs (Junior), 10 Norman Moss, 11 Unknown 12 Brian Clements, 13 Harold Jones, 14 Les Hollifield, 15 Les Tombs, 16 Ron Morris, 17 George Moss, 18 Roy Tombs (son of Les Tombs).

Photo of the team in 1977 as shown in the Jubilee booklet. Soon after, the club declined, but eventually (in 2008) Wheatley's name was added to the Holton club which had been formed in 1977 as a result of a match between the two villages that year as part of the Jubilee celebrations.

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