Wheatley cricket team c.1906

  • Wheatley cricket team c.1906
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Wheatley cricket team c.1906 on Colonel Ashton's land in Littleworth Road (now the Primary School).

Back row: Charlie Shepherd, Arthur Smith, James E T Tombs, n/k, Ike (Isaac) Munt, Dick Cooper, Clayton Cooper, George Slaymaker, Joseph Tombs.

Front row: William Tombs, Edward Tombs, n/k, Harry Nelms, Wilfred Cox, Chick Edwards, Joe Shepherd

There are press reports about Wheatley's cricket team from 1839, see record 1831.

A (copyright) report in the Oxford Journal on Saturday 21 October 1893 referred to a Cricket Supper in the Merry Bells. Captain Miller was the president, Mr Spearing the captian and Mr Leyshon the treasurer. Mr Cooper was awarded a bat for the highest score. In the season just passed, they had a success record of 76 percent of their matches.


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