53 High Street

  • 1975 when Gostick's food shop
  • 1998 when the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust
  • 2018. 53-55 High Street
  • 1977 when Telfurb TV, as shown in the 1977 Jubilee booklet
  • 53-55 High Street. Date not known, probably pre 1970s
  • 1950s showing Gostick Stores before Holloway Road was widened
  • 2020 a similar view showing the extent of shortening of Gostick Stores building
  • Gate post in Holloway Road, part of the original access to the large garden behind the original 49 High Street
  • The stonework collapsed as seen on 23 November 2017 following a crash by lorry coming down Station Road
Archive Notes:

See record 1264 for two photos taken at the time that Dora Pope's business at 47 High Street transferred to Walde in 1935 and which shows clearly that Gostick Stores was then trading acroiss Holloway Road at 53 High Street.

One old photo and two photos one taken in 1975 and one in 1998 showing changes from Gostick's food shop (later owned by Percy Blake and Mary Blake for re-development purposes) to Telford TV owner by G B Griffiths, and then to the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust. It is now (2018) two houses. Before Gostick took over this shop, anyway by 1926, it had been a grocery and bakery business run by Fowler. After Gostick, it was Telfurb TV, then Annie's Kitchens, before becoming the Anthony Nolan Trust. In 2018, the address is 53-55 High Street, there is no number 51 High Street.

Comparison between the 1935 and 1985 photos shows clearly that the two earlier buildings had been considerably adapted and shortened (by some 3.75 metres) in order to facilitate the widening of Holloway Road, as per the planning application drawing for Gostick Stores of the buildings previously 51-53 High Street (now 53 High Street) believed to be from 1972. This clearly shows the extent of the previous buildings and that the carriageway width (including pavements) was originally half what is has since become. The new building only had one chimney at the east end. In 2000, the ground floor was vacant, but the upstairs consisted of 4 poor-quality rooms in a single flat, occupied by Tamsin Ingle. The earthquake at Dudley in 2000 dislodged the window overlooking Holloway Road. In 2003, a new owner bought this and set out to renovate the first floor. However, the stonework collapsed at the eastern end of the building, as can be seen from the new stonework evident in the 2018 photo. In 2018, a car ran down Station Road out of control and into the building requiring yet more stone repair work. The building is now several flats on two levels.

See 1264 for more photos of 51 and 53 High Street, which explain pictorially the foregoing paragraph .

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