1-35 Crown Road

  • 1976. Looking west from Wayside on the left
  • 1976. Looking west from the new development (1-17 Crown Road) on the right
  • 1985. Looking east with part of 1-17 Crown Rod and the old Crown Inn
  • 1990s. Mulberry Cottage, 14 Crown Road showing cottage renovated and extension above garage, but before roof was extended at the east end
  • 1976. From Ann Rhyme's study of Wheatley, 1550-1750. 8 Crown Road on the right, Mullberry Cottage, 14 Crown Road on the left
  • 1985. No 14 has since been extended at both ends
  • Plans for improvements of Mulberry Cottage in 1953
  • 2018. 29 and 31 Crown Road. The larger of the four pairs of semi-detached houses built by Shepherd for his sons
  • 2018. 33-43 Crown Road. The three other pairs of semi-detached houses built by Shepherd for his sons
  • The plan of the the four pairs of semi-detached houses built by Shepherd for his sons
  • 2010s. 1-17 Crown Road
  • Date not known. In the snow, looking east towards the Church
  • Looking east along Crown Road
  • 1935
  • 1950s? Barns fronting Crown Road
Archive Notes:

Photos of Crown Road, taken between 1976 and 1990s, particularly Mulberry Cottage. Plans from 1953 for proposed improvements to what is now Mulberry Cottage which at the time was in the ownership of D W Morgan.

The semi-detached pair, 25-27 Crown Road, was built in 1939. 29-43 Crown Road were the four pairs of semi-detached houses, shown in a plan, built by Charles Shepherd in 1927 for his four sons Cecil Shepherd (No. 29), James Shepherd (No. 35), Frederick Shepherd (No. 41) and Walter Shepherd (No. 31) and four daughters Julia Shepherd (No. 33), Ethel Shepherd (No. 37), Winifred Shepherd (No. 39) and Florence Shepherd (No. 43). The pdf shows which child lived in which and provides other information about their spouses and other matters.

No. 39, owned by Winifred was rented to Ernest Charles Shepherd b. 1905 who married Phyllis Washington, daughter of Arthur John Washington and Thomasina Maria King. Phyllis was born in one of the three cottages which make up The Croft off Mulberry drive today.

Ernest was a second cousin to Frederick Washington and James Washington and in 1957 he moved from 39 to 51 Crown Road when their bungalow was built on land gifted to them by Jack and Thomasina Washington in 1940. Ernest was born in Crown Cottage when it was two cottages. He lived in the right hand one with his mother Florence and father Elisha. Ernest's whole life was spent in Crown Road.

Also photos from 2018.

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