1-3 Crown Square

  • 1995. No 3 Crown Square is the building with three dormer windows behind the building with a blank gable end, which is No 1 Crown Square.
  • Derelict cottage, now 2 Crown Square
  • 2018. 1 Crown Square - previously known as Hanks Cottage
  • 2018. 2 Crown Square
  • 2018. 3 Crown Square
  • 1988. The Mannifield family outside 2 Crown Square as shown in the Centenary booklet
  • Outside Hanks Cottage, Crown Square, for the 1953 Coronation
Archive Notes:

Photos of Nos 1 and 3 Crown Square and conversion of a barn by John Mannifield to a home, now 2 Crown Square. 3 Crown Square was built in the 1980s by the owners of Cromwell House who owned this back part on which there was once a smithy. Owned (with Cromwell House) by Charles Sheldon until the early 1900s, then by Walter Brazell (sometimes spelt Brazill) of whom there are many photographs in Archive 40. His daughter lived here until the late 1970s.

Also a group outside Hanks Cottage (1 Crown Square) for the 1953 Coronation. The address of this was previously 1 Farm Close Lane. In 1911, Henry and Clara Holland lived here. Clara's mother and a widow, Eliza Smith, lived with them and made lace with bobbins. Henry was a plate layer on the railway, and Clara (a tiny lady who sat in the corner doing needlework) had a little shop in the front room, selling a bar of nougat for a penny, tiny Easter eggs with a present inside for a farthing. Rosie Jeffs (see record 1705) remembered this shop well and used to have one of these eggs every morning before school.


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