Hill House

  • Ladder Hill, c. 1925, showing Elpis, now Hill House.
  • The front of the auction catalogue for Elpis (now Hill House), Ladder Hill in 1952.
  • The photograph of Elpis from the 1952 auction catalogue. The house was built circa 1927.

New re-named Hill House, it is occupied as flats in 2018.
Archive Notes:

Photo taken circa 1925 of house named 'Elpis' now Hill House. Also auction catalogue of same house on July 22 1952 - Captain Philip Edward Dansey Addis was living here in 1939 accpording to the Kelly Directory. He was responsible for the initiative to set up the New Club, see record 2042.

In 2018 it was occupied as flats.

The building listing which relates to Hill House is NOT this building but a different one in Shotover se archive record 2740

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