Cullum Property - now Hathaways and 11 Station Road

  • Part of the old forge in Cullums yard was demolished
  • Part of the old forge being demolished to create a garden area to what is now (2018) No 11 Station Road. Hathaways can be seen to the left and to the right is No 13 Station Road. This was the old telephone exchanged, opened in 1963, which was then converted to a house when the new exchange was built on the opposite side of Station Road.  No 13 has since been re-developed in 2013 as shown in another photo.
  • 2018. 11 and 13 Station Road with the new house, No 13, developed in 2013.
  • 11 Station Road in 2018
  • 1972. The buildings on Station Road frontage before demolition
Archive Notes:

Photos from 1972 and of demolition of the old forge at Cullums yard and new houses built to rear, and two photos from 2018. In WVA only, there is a letter from Florence Pryer (neé Cullum) re Cullum family busines.

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