Morland Lodge

  • Morland Lodge
  • Morland Lodge 1920s
  • Known as Mr Badcocks House pre 1950s
  • Morland Lodge - note the petrol pumps
  • Undated
  • Press article 9 February 1895
  • Showing the petrol pumps
Archive Notes:

Owned by a James Ring, farmer tenant of the Shotover estate, in the 1890s. See attached press report dated 9 February 1895 on the court case in which there was a dispute between Edwin Bird (defendant represented by Mr McCarthy) and David Bryden (plaintiff whose agent was William Taylor) as to the ownership of this house. The case seemed to have been a storm in a teacup as the judge awarded 10 guineas to the plaintiff.

See also record 1366 on the Shotover Estate. There are references to other members of the Ring family on records 2279 and 2434.

Ssee Photo circa 1920 - Mr Turner lived in the part of the house called at that time The Firs at the junction of Holloway Road and Church Road. He served petrol from pumps located in the front garden

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