62 and 64 Crown Road

  • 1954 Planning application for alterations and additions to Pat Jeffs' bungalow
  • The original house, 62 Crown Road, built c. 1923 and demolished in 1977
  • Known as The Stables, this became a dwelling, 64 Crown Road, extended in 1954 as shown in the next photo.
  • The extended 64 Crown Road before being completely re-built in 1977
  • Extract of 1910 map showing ownership of Wayside, then known as Sunnyside
  • Map showing land retained by Parsons after sale to Williamson
  • Extract of 1910 map showing Parsons ownership in Farm Close Lane, Friday Lane and High Street
  • Extract of 1910 map showing Parsons ownership in Bell Lane
  • Extract of 1910 map showing Parsons ownership in Blenheim
  • Numbered map showing development of land around Wayside and Rectory Farm c. 1954
Archive Notes:

The more recent history shows these two houses in their previous forms before both were totally re-built.

The 1910 history is shown by the extract of the 1910 map. That year, Wayside was owned by Elizabeth and Jane Sheldon consisting of a house and garden (513 not shown on map but presumed to be the house and garden occupied by William Trinder) and the land (514) of 3.5 acres occupied by Edward Walker. This land included the plot of 0.658 acres, which eventually became the Parsons holding. There is also a reference on the enumerator’s map of the corner plot to Crown Road and Jackies Lane having been sold to the Mannifields for £1600 on 12th May 1966 – this date is correct and refers to a much later transactions, the details of which have been vandalised on the original 1910 map.

Correspondence date 18 November 1912 makes it clear that Mrs Thomas Parsons (Sarah, nee Rogers) had acquired the ownership of Wayside from Miss Sheldon with the land continuing to be rented by Edward Walker. Rosie Holness has many memories of living in Wayside.

The various references to this land in the 1920s and beyond need to be put into the context of the Holness family and the link to Thomas Henry Parsons

  1. Sarah Rogers (1863-1940) married William Holness (1861-1906) in 1883. After William Holness’s death in 1906, Sarah (nee Rogers) married Thomas Henry Parsons (1871-1937) in 1907.
  2. Sarah and William had a daughter Phoebe Holness (1883-1924).
  3. Phoebe Holness’s daughter, Dorothy Rose (‘Rosie’, 1906-1988), married Dudley Jeffs (1899-1973) in 1927.

T H Parsons seems to have been the source of the property ownership which was left by Sarah (then Parsons) on her death in 1940 to Rosie Jeffs. His purchases appear to date from 1907 (Bell Lane from Chillingworth in 1908 see record 1156, and Stile Cottage deeds confirm 1907). Whilst being described as a labourer, he worked in Russia on the railways there, and this is presumed to have been the source of his income for, by 1910, he owned 13 cottages in Wheatley, as shown in the 1910 map extracts. These were High Street (520 now No. 103), bottom of Friday Lane, demolished cottages (501-503), Farm Close Lane (507-509, Stile Cottage, see also record 2429), 1, 3, 5 and & Bell Lane (see record 1156), 6 and 7 Blenheim.

Letter of 15 August 1922 addressed to Thomas Parsons of Sunnyside (now Wayside) and schedule of deeds show that a sale had taken place to Arthur Williamson. The described frontage of 544 feet ties up with the frontage of property numbered 514 on the 1910 map. However, Parsons kept the plot of 0.658 acres and also acquired the plot on which there is this ‘Mannifield’ reference. In 1923, correspondence suggests that Parsons wanted to acquire from Williamson an access to Crown Road to this plot. This purchase clearly took place, and is the current driveway access from Crown Road.

The final map shows development of land around Wayside and Rectory Farm c. 1954, also shown on record 1829. Properties concerned are shown on the numbered map. Rosie Jeffs had lived at Stile Cottage (2) in Farm Close Lane, prior to a move to Wayside, (3) Crown Road, during W.W.l - a cottage also owned by her step-grandfather, Tom Parsons. He also owned the land to the east including the plot where The Bungalow (4) was built c. 1923 into which she moved. The stable (1) was converted in 1939 to a home and then rebuilt in 1956 and again in 1977. Wayside was sold to Arthur Williamson in 1922 together with the land to the east with the exception of the corner fronting Crown Road/Friday Lane which was incorporated into the plot on which The Bungalow was built. The outbuildings (5) to the east of Wayside were used by Williamson as a workshop for his camera business.

See also records 1829 and 2371

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