Map of Crown Road around Wayside and Rectory Farm

  • Map of Crown Road around Wayside and Rectory Farm
  • Wayside 1922
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Map showing development of land around Wayside and Rectory Farm c. 1954. Properties concerned are numbered on the map.

Rosie Jeffs had lived at Stile Cottage (2) in Farm Close Lane, prior to a move to Wayside, (3) Crown Road, during W.W.l - a cottage also owned by her step-grandfather, Tom Parsons. He also owned the land to the east including the plot where The Bungalow (4) was built c. 1923 into which she moved. The stable (1) was converted in 1939 to a home and then rebuilt in 1956 and again in 1977. Wayside was sold to Williamson together with the land to the east with the exception of the corner fronting Crown Road/Friday Lane which was incorporated into the plot on which The Bungalow was built. The outbuildings (5) to the east of Wayside were used by Williamson as a workshop for his camera business.

The houses fronting Crown Road up to number 60 were built in the first half of the 1960s. No. 56 was occupied for 6-8 years by Douglas Hayter whose children decided that it should be called 'The Ark' as it looked like the house on top of Noah's Ark! Hayter was the manager of NatWest in Oxford and became involved with the URC, see record 2296. This house was bought in 1976 by Michael and Veronica Lancashire.

See record 2505 for more details

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