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  • Durley, 27 London Rd
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Deeds in White Box 2. Photo and 3 pages of notes of Durley, 27, London Rd, Wheatley, built by James Cooper c. 1930.

These are summarised as follows: 1. 28 August 1922, land was sold to Charles Shepherd of Ambrose Farm for £1900. 2. Small area fronting Church Road sold to Rees Leyshon on which he built his house. 3. 21 October 1925, Charles Shepherd sold for £588 5a 3r 21p (part of Leigh field) to Mary Lewis Milne of Oxford (widow) who wanted to move tenants out of The Manor, which she had just purchased. See 1322. She used about 2 acres for this purpose. 4. 23 April 1927, Mary Lewis Milne sold the remaining 3a 3r 26p to Mary Harding of the Old Parsonage for £500. 5. 1929. Mary Harding sold to James William cooper for £325 land of 2a 5r 6p. See 0923. 6. 1930. James William Cooper sold a portion of the land to Oxford City Council. He also conveyed another portion to Harold Frederick Temple. 7. James William Cooper sold another portion to Mary Ann White. 8. James William Cooper sold another portion to Henry Foster

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