Sims Church of 1795

  • Sims Church of 1795
  • Sims Church of 1795
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Two sketches by J E Robinson of Sims Church (also referred to as Sim's) of 1795 with Cullum's wheelwright's shop on the right. One is a pencil sketch and the other a coloured plate worked up by Robinson later, based on notes that he had made of the materials. See J. Prest, The Most difficult Village, p. 33.

The Church (although strictly still a chapel) aooears to have been dedicated to St Swithin, but was referred to as St. Mary's. See the pdf extract from the same book, p.12, which uses the Sim's reference.

Samuel Wilberforse condemned this place of worship as being no better than a dissenting meeting house and asked Edward Elton to pull it down.

The King and Queen is in the background.

For more detail see record 1274

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