Turner's Motors in London Road

  • Iurner's Motors pre World War 2
  • Clearing the garage land with Robins Row in the background and Edwin Turner (senior) seated on the left.
  • The forecourt of Turner's Motors on the occasion of a visit from the Bentley Owners Club in the mid-1930s
  • Turner's Garage also ran a taxi service. Ron Turner (on the right) and his uncle, Eric Turner, (on the left), were the drivers. The cars are a Long Chassis Citroen 14 HP circa 1936, and a Standard 12 HP circa 1938. Note that the nearside headlamps are masked (because it was wartime) and the wings have white painted edges. This photograph was taken circa 1940
  • This 1929 ’40 HP V8' is a La Salle made by Cadillac, and was owned by Mr E. L. Atkinson of Holton Place, who resided in Australia. He visited England during the summer months and Turner's Motors maintained his car and supplied a driver - in this photograph the driver is Ron Turner aged 17, in 1938. The car was purchased new from Lendram and Hartman, UK agents. It was registered with an Oxford WL number.
Archive Notes:

5 photographs pre WW2, one showing a visit of the Bentley owners club & 2 of the taxis.

Built in the 1930s before the Second World War, this was Turner's Motors, run by Edwin Willian John Turner (for family tree see record 1556). It was located on the south of London Road, just east of the track that runs between London Road and Church Road. The Turner business also ran a taxi service.

Reg Crook bought the business soon after the end of the Second World War and it was then owned when Tony d'Anger went to work there in 1950. There was no taxi service then. By 2004, the business had been taken over by Highfield Motors and, in its latter years there was a charity shop in the front part of the showroom.

In August 2012, the building was demolished and flats (Robins Court) now stand here.

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