Wheatley Secondary School Staff in 1951

  • Staff at Wheatley Secondary School in 1951
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Photograph of the staff at Wheatley Secondary School in 1956.

Back row: L to R: Miss Jones : PE, and unknown

Middle row: Left: A.N Other, Miss Bottrill (later Gould) - Drama,

Middle row: Right: Gerard Gould - English - Albert Sternberg - Art & Craft

Front Row: L to R:

Secretary, Jeff Babb: Music, Audrey Brock: Senior Mistress, Fred Anson: Head master,

Ray Allen: Deputy, Moira Anson, A.N. Other, Cassie Badcock: Domestic Science, A.N. Other,

Mr Barker: General Science., Reggie Howes: Woodwork,

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