55 High Street

  • Ringland Cottage, 55 High Street
  • Ringland Cottage, 55, High Street, Date not known
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Six photographs of Ringland Cottage, 55 High Street, an 18th century cottage divided into two. It was named after Mary Ring, who lived here in 1911. Joan Munt, married to Richard Harris and in 2021 living in Cornwall, grew up in Wheatley, mainly in Ringland Cottage (55 High Street) during the 1940s/1950s. The 1946-4 records lists Leslie Munt (postman) and family living in this house, which they had first rented before buying. In 2020, it was called Indy Cottage after the name of the new owner's dog who died the day she moved in. One photo only on the website, the rest can only be seen in WVA.

For more information see record 1264.

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