6 and 7 Farm Close Lane

  • Conveyance map of 1889
  • 2019 photo showing that the spur of houses in Beech Road was built on the 1889 orchard
  • 2019 photo from the rear
  • Figure from Hassall's book of the hovel beyond No 7 Farm Close Lane
  • Remnant of the hovel
  • Old fireplace exposed in 2021 in the bedroom above the kitchen in the old part of the cottage.
Archive Notes:

Farm Close Lane, Nos 6-8. See also records 966 and 1766

Write-up from the Deeds showing, in conjunction with other documents, the progression from a single ownership to the separation of Nos 6 (previously No 5 after the development of the new house to the east which took this number) and 7 Farm Close Lane.

Conveyance Plan from 1889 which shows all the properties.

Details from an Inland Revenue document from 1932 showing the transfer of property which included 7 Farm Close Lane and 48 High Street.

A 2019 photo shows that the spur of houses in Beech Road was built on the Orchard to the south of the properties, as shown in the 1889 deed map.

2019 photo showing (different roof colours) from the rear  of 7 Farm Close Lane (grey roof) and 6 Farm Close Lane (red roof). The part of 7 Farm Close Lane 'flies over' the original large gateway access to the rear of the two properties (with No 7 have a right of access to the well), owned by 6 Farm Close Lane.

2019 photo shows a remaining small part of the hovel which was previously to the extreme west of the plot, see record 0974. However, its position appears (by scaling from the conveyance plan) to be in a mid-position in the hovel.

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