Rectory Farm Crown Road and RC Church

  • 1987. Rectory Farm
  • 2000. Entrance to Roman Catholic Church and Rectory House
  • C B Yates Chartered Accountants at Rectory House in 1988
Archive Notes:

Photo of Rectory House in 1987, and of the entrance to the RC Church and Rectory House in 2000.

It is believed from a survey carried out by Oxfordshire Buildings Records that part of the building dates back to c. 1630.

Rectory House was originally Rectory Farm which was the base for one of the larger farms in Wheatley and was 245 acres in 1910. Edmund Greaves lived here and ran the farm from about 1942. His borther, Leslie, had a tenancy on the fields. This farmhouse was relocated to Castle Hill in 1962 (the Greaves family still run the farm today - 2019), and the old farmhouse became a private house. It was re-named Rectory House.

The father of Matthew Yates father bought Rectory Farm in the 1980s, and it appears that C B Yates & co, Chartered Accountants, operated from here in 1988 according to the photograph from the 1988 Centenary booklet.

Ownership history of Rectory Farm from archive and Magdalen College records. Whalley-Smythe Gariner sales of 1846 are referred to, see record number 2287

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