Littleworth postcard 1930s

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Postcard of Littleworth with a second copy showing where some families lived c. 1939.

TThe Shirley family lived at No. 33 and the Smith family at No 22. Auntie Smith, as she was known, grew marvellous garden flowers and vegetables, and she rode an old sit-up-and-beg cycle for years. Her house, the thatched Littleworth House, as shown in Figure 3.59 from a 1932 photograph, backed onto the brook and then the railway lines, and was to the south-east of Kellys Cottage. It was pulled down c. 1950.

Others were the Oakleys; Surman market gardeners; Cribbins (39 Littleworth); Jack Smith (daughter was Gwinny Reid) (54 Littleworth); Currill family (20 Littleworth).


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