No 56 High Street

  • c. 1980. Linda and Avril
  • 1998. New Image Hair Design
  • Date not known
  • 1988. Linda and Avril as shown in the Centenary booklet
Archive Notes:

56 High Street c. 1980 when it was was Linda & Avril Hairdressers, in 1998 when New Image hair design, and in 2010 a house.

Previously, Mr Stamp, who owned Ansara and lived in adjacent Rellew, sold shoes in the shop; then Mr Emm was a chemist; later Mr Putt, shoemaker; in 1946/7 Len Hughes (Lennie Hughes) selling antiques; then Kathy Hawley Antiques (later, perhaps, run by someone else as 'Long Ago'), then Telephone and Office Solutions and, at another time, as a hairdresser, first 'Linda and Avril', then 'New Image'. Now (2018) vacant.

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