Arthur William Miles


The 1911 census lists Arthur William Miles as ‘Overseas Military'. At this point he was a Lance Corporal with the Highland Light Infantry, stationed in India at Lucknow, the Regiment's ‘honour' posting since it raised the siege there in the Indian Mutiny, 1857. Attested on 2 January he was posted on 18 February 1907. He also served as a regimental ambulance man (medical orderly) at Dum Dum in November 1908. Appointed Lance Corporal on 18 January 1910, he received the Durbar Medal marking George V's Coronation Visit to Delhi in 1911. However, on 19 November 1912 he was reduced to the ranks for disobedience. Transferring to the Army Reserve on 24 January 1914, he rejoined the colours on 7 November of that year. The following year, on 16 August, he was discharged pensioned as no longer fit for war service with a weak heart and a record of typhoid fever.

He appears as William Miles in the 1891 Wheatley census, and as Arthur in that of 1901, the sixth son of Richard Miles, agricultural labourer and Julia Jane Clements, both born in Wheatley, respectively in 1850 and 1849. The family were living on High Street in 1891 and on Church Road ten years later. Arthur William was baptised at St Mary's Church on 7 November 1886. He was listed on his Army papers as a labourer and builder in civilian life. Research has not revealed the date of his death, but judging from his inclusion on the list of Wheatley men named on the War Memorial as one who had served and died, it may be that he did not live long to enjoy his pension. See also references to him in the Wheatley in a World at War chapter.

Highland Light Infantry
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