W Clayton Cooper


Born on 26 August 1881 in Wheatley, son of Joseph and Mary Jane Cooper and brother of Edward Montagu Cooper. In 1911 Clayton was living as a single man with his by now widowed mother and some of his siblings at The Lodge, Park Hill: he was at that point styled brick merchant's salesman, employed at the family brick works. Later he lived at Old House on Kiln Lane and was owner of the works. A C. W. Cooper was a 2nd Corporal with the Corps of Royal Engineers in 1920, but they may not have been one and the same. The Electoral Register shows that in 1921 William Clayton and his mother Mary Jane were still resident in the village. He died in September 1970.

This Shotover Lodge, which was the access from the A40, no longer exists. He was related to Henry Allen, who also lived here.

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