Hurrell George Chapman


Baptised Hurrell George Chapman in 1888 in Wheatley, third son of John and Helen Chapman. Brother of Arthur and Hubert Chapman who also fought in the war and returned, and of Gerald Chapman who lost his life. In 1911 Hurrell was single, a plumber and glazier like his father and living with his parents at Mott House on High Street. In February 1916 he married Margaret Austin, a teacher from the school, who, as the law then required, had to resign from her post, which she did in August: they lived on Westfield Road. See also reference to him in the Wheatley in a World at War and Wheatley Tribunal chapters.

He was living at Mott House, 80 High street with his brothers Arthur (who survived) and Gerald (who lost his life). His other brother, Hubert, was living at Mortlake, Surrey.

Royal Army Ordnance Corps
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