Frederick Shirley


Fred Shirley's birth in September 1888 was registered in Headington District: he was the eldest son of Cuddesdon-born George Shirley, waggoner on farm, and Rose, born in Wheatley. In 1911 they lived in Littleworth. Fred attended Night School in Wheatley in 1901. Bricklayer, labourer and tree feller with Messrs Cullum. The Soldiers of Oxfordshire website attaches three separate Service Nos., all with the OBLI: to plain Frederick Shirley 12480, and to Frederick G. Shirley 285907 and 204420. He had been wounded in the war, probably on the Somme. His service ended 30 July 1921. Born in 1888 according to his gravestone, he died in September 1946 and was buried in Wheatley churchyard in 1946, the husband of Jenny also buried there in 1954. He left a sum of money to Robert Clarke Dungey. See also references to him in the Wheatley Tribunal and the Wheatley in a World at War chapters.

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
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