Hubert Keyes


Born in 1882 in Finsbury Park, London, son of Richard Clark Keys, captain of a merchant ship, and Isabelle Lucy nee Davenport, whom he had married in Southampton. They lived at 31 Truro Road, Wood Green, London in 1901. As Percy Hubert Keys he was living in 1911 at Farmside, Reynolds Road, Beaconsfield. He was an Assistant Architect 2nd Class with His Majesty's Office of Works. He was married to Frances Eleanor Wildgoose Clayton of Wheatley on August 25, 1906. This made him a son-in-law of the Vicar, and this fact may have been the link with Wheatley which led to his inclusion in the list of the Wheatley men who served. He was serving as Temporary and Acting Major and then Captain, in 1918, with the Royal Engineers: ref. WO 339/46261; former reference in original department: 115561.

Queen's Westminster Regiment
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