Sydenham Harry Houle


Full name Sydenham Harry Houle, born in 1899 in the Kensington, London Registration District, son of Henry Walter Houle, jeweller, and Mabel Mary Newton, both of London. The family were living at 39 Colville Terrace, Kensington in 1901 and at 12 Hyde Park Mansions, London in 1911. Sydenham was a regular soldier in the army until at least 1930, the year in which he married Mabel Nona Green. He and his wife embarked on the Moreton Bay in Southampton on 3 September 1930, bound for Port Said. A son was born in Cairo in 1931 and a daughter in Bangalore in 1934. His Medal Card gives him the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and shows that he and his wife were by then living near Ludlow in Shropshire. On the journey to Egypt his rank is Captain. Sydenham and his parents were living in the Old House, Wheatley in 1921. His death in 1954 was registered in Oxford.

South Staffordshire Regiment
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