Anthony Maurice Bell


Full name Anthony Maurice Bell, born in 1899 in Liverpool, eldest child of the Reverend Maurice Frederick Bell, Anglican clergyman, and Margaret Dorothea nee Japp, born in Hooton, Cheshire, living at that time at 17 Abercrombie Square, Liverpool. The Reverend Bell was Vicar of Wheatley from 1919 to 1927. Anthony was at school in 1901, based on 36 Regent's Park Road, St Pancras, London. He matriculated at Christ Church, Oxford in 1912, enlisted on 23 April 1917 (Service No. 215346) and was commissioned into the new Tank Corps, formerly known as Heavy Branch, Machine Gun Corps, as from 23 July 1917, joining its 15 Battalion. He was wounded that month, presumably in the opening barrage and tank attack on Zero Day, 31 July at ‘Third Ypres', when tanks floundered in water, shell holes and mud. He continued his studies at Oxford after the War. See also reference to him in the Wheatley in a World at War chapter.

Tank Corps
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