New London Road constructed in 1925/6

  • Cul-de-sac to Sunnyside
  • London Road house to the east of Sunnyside
  • 19 London Road
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In 1925/6, the London Road was constructed cutting off a piece of land to the north from its main farmland. This piece of land was bought by Mrs Milne who had purchased The Manor and needed to give plots to the four tenants in order to gain vacant possession. The Shorters were given Sunnyside (see 1563). Other plots belonged to the Hardings and the Tombs as part of this process. Photos show the developments which took place on these plots.

Charlie Shorter built Sunnyside, Archie Harding The Homestead and James Tombs his two-storey home Milne Cottage, now 19 London Road. Tombs' daughter Christine (later Christine Jackson), who was born c. 1935/36, remembers that, during the war, their grocery business, which adjoined their house, looked after the council estate tenants opposite, sharing this with Mr George's business at The Triangle.

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