65 Church Road

  • 65 Church Road
  • 65 Church Road
  • 65 Church Road when a toy shop run by Joy Turner
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65 Church Road was built by the Bates family c. 1930-1932. The front room became Bates cycle shop from 1931 (but apparently not in 1939) after moving from premises further to the east in Church Road, near the corner of Robbins Row (Acc no 1716). 65 Church Road then became a lady's hairdresser run by Stanley Underwood. The Turner family bought it about 1958. Edwin Henry (Ted) Turner, who married Joy Badcock (born August 7 1925), had an electrical and cycle shop at 87 High Street - see record 1171). In the 1960s, Mrs Joy Turner had a toy and haberdashery shop in the front room, but also sold plants. Now a private house, still lived in (2019) by the Turner family.

See record 1556 for the Turner family genealogy.

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