Hillside, 60 Church Road

  • Plan showing 60 Church Road
  • 60 Church Road in 2020
Archive Notes:

Details of owners from February 1871 to 2006. Also deeds plan undated.

The deeds of the land go back to 1871, with a first mention of a dwelling in 1929. However, it was built there for 78-year old widow Ann Gale between 1910 and 1911 (not shown on the 1910 map, but she is the occupier on the 1911 census) on land purchased in 1908 by Cuddesdon-resident Hubert Gale (relationship not known). In 1952, this was bought by Arthur Harold Dodd. He died 18th June 1955 leaving the property to his wife, Violet Ivy Dodd, during her life-time, and subsequently to his son Walter Lawrence Dolling Dodd, known as Laurie and who married Margaret Tame, of 62 Chinnor Road, Thame and his daughter Heather Barbara Dolling Williams (wife of Derek John Williams) of 24 Abingdon Road, Cumnor. The Dodd ownership came to an end in 1983.

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