The Sun Inn

  • 1987. Sun Inn
  • 1994. Sun Inn
  • 1994. Sun Inn
  • 2018. Sun Inn
  • 2000. Sun Inn
  • 1988 with staff as shown in the Centenary booklet
  • 1977 as shown in the Jubilee booklet
  • Old photo, c. 1950, found on Facebook and also on record 307
  • Sun Inn, date not known
  • Sun Inn, date not known
  • Sun Inn, probably 1950s
Archive Notes:

One old photo, date not known of the Sun Inn, and others taken in 1977, when Norman Taylor and Peggy Taylor ran it, 1987, 1988, 1994, 2000 and 2018 (others at WVA).

This 18th century inn was probably frequented by quarry workers. Nearby was the coaching route over Shotover to Oxford. The coaching route to Worcester passed north of here. The inn is Grade 2 listed.

The first known landlord was Samuel Stanley in 1788, then Thomas Cox in 1792, William Neighbour in 1802, Richard Cooper in 1846. In 1851 John Hodges was the landlord but his wife had taken over by 1863, possibly on his death, and she continued untilthe age of 82 years, in 1883, after which Joseph Adkins took over.In 1911 Joseph Adkins was the licensee.Hall & Co. had become owners by 1930 when John Hinton was landlord

See also 307.

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