Wheatley Primary School c. 1907/8

  • Wheatley Primary School c. 1907/8
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Photo of children at the National School circa 1907 / 8 - all named

FRONT ROW: Reg Naish, Fred, Dick Munt, L Clements, Harris, Geo. Gould

SECOND ROW: Daisie Clements, K Day, Robertson, Ada Terry, Georgina Barrett, Halls, Queenie Path, Freda Heath, Ferris, Warick Dennis, Alfred Jones,

THIRD ROW: Clements, Ferris, Dennis, Alfie Jones, D Allan, D Ross, Gomm, Martin Smith, Shorter, Harris, R Cripps, C Dover, T Putt,

BACK ROW: Daphne, Goody Mitchell, Maggie Munt, Rose, Tombs, Bessie Putt, Maggie Mitchell, Pratley, Meran Bottock

With headmaster, Rees Leyshon

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