Tom Barlow

  • COPYRIGHT photo, 1955, from the PictureOxon collection ref
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Tom Barlow in 1955 working on his market garden site. This later became Barlow Close. see also record 2689

Tom,one of the last of the smallholders, with ten acres and two cows, had another grievance. “There's a move on foot to acquire my little bit of land compulsorily for a new housing estate. I’ve built it up from nothing, and now wean calves and fatten them till they are two years old. about three a year. I also fatten pigs. It just keeps a roof over my head, but if they take my land away they take my livelihood. I don’t want to make a for­tune, but I do want to make a living, and all I shall get in com­pensation is the agricultural value of the land The National Farmers’ Union are supporting me and the case is to be heard next month.’’

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