Churchyard visit

  • Rev Michael Farthing, Marian Darkin, ?, Margaret Berwick, Anne Clark, Pam Reay, Ros Tims, Pat Mulcahy-Morgan, Mrs Lee
  • Standing: Margaret Rosenthal with Ros Tims sitting behind.
Sitting: ? Pam Reay, Marian Darkin, Margaret Beckett, Liz O'Sullivan, Anne Clark
  • Cynthia Mancey, Rev. Michael Farthing and Mrs Farthing
  • Rev. Michael Farthing, Liz O'Sullivan, Marian Darkin, ?
  • Rev Michael Farthing with Ros Tims, Liz O'Sullivan on the right talking to Mrs Lee (foreground), Pam Reay, Marian Darkin, Pat Mulcahy-Morgan
  • John Brookes, Beryl Brookes, Sylvia Street, Roger Bell, Dorothy Bell (? with back to us), Rev. Farthing, ?, John Prest, David Mancey and Jim Watson.
  • Rose Robinson, Kathy Keen, Cynthia Mancey, David Keen, Carol Newman and daughter, Susan Prest and Pat Jeffs on extreme right, with others
Archive Notes:

Churchyard visit by Wheatley Society with Rev Michael Farthing between 1982 and 1995

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