4, 5 Crown Square

  • Frank Smith Crown Square postcard
  • Photo of the same era
  • Another photo of the same era
Archive Notes:

Enlargement of original postcard, circa 1913, from Frank Smith Collection, and two other photos of the same era.

This part of the village, where High Street gives onto Crown Square, was the messy and smelly industrial area with a hide and tannery business being carried on using the river which ran behind the properties on the south of High Street and then crossed over the square. The predecessor buildings on the west, now Nos 1, 2 and 3, were part of this business. The old cottages on the south were in a location called Louse Hill, perhaps for obvious reasons, but these have since been re-developed. The Chequers served this area, now developed into houses carrying High Street numbers.

See 1554 for collection of Hinton postcards.

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