William Avery's Timber Yard

  • William Avery
  • Inside the saw mill
  • c. 1920. Early view of Avery's timber yard with Harry Avery seated in the foreground. Standing is Bill Claydan ("Whiskey") who lived in Denton and worked the crane.
  • 1903. William Avery and workforce
  • Timber being hauled to the Mill. The driver is Gristle Tombs, the man in front is Fred Barlow
  • Avery steam engine
  • Timber being hauled up Station Road. The driver is Stride Hilsdon
  • Fire at Avery's saw mill 1912
Archive Notes:

Copy of the Timber Trades Journal dated 9 May 1903 including photograph of William Avery and his Saw Mill, Ladder Hill.

See also 0493 and 2045.

Contrary to the family folklore that William Avery had bought this yard after spotting from the train, he was, in fact, the tenant of the Chillingworth family until he acquired the Chillingworth interest in 1908, see record 1156.

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