Wheatley Scout 'hut' previously the fire engine station

  • Scout 'hut' 2000
  • Photo of scouts from Centenary booklet 1988
  • Before moving to the old Fire Station in Holloway Road, the Scouts used the old Stables of The Merry Bells, with the Venture Scouts using the loft room.
  • 1979. Fire engine station
  • 1980. Wheatley Firemen
Archive Notes:

Naish's recollections about this building.

Records from 1988 to 1992. Photo showing the scouts building in Holloway Road in 2000, previously the fire station or fire engine station and firemen, shown in 1979 and 1980 photos reproduced from transparencies. Can only be viewed in WVA.

Photo from Centenary booklet 1988.

Previously, they were in the upper part of the Church Road frontage building on the Merry Bells car park, as shown in one of the photos.

For the Scout building in the Merry Bells stable block, see record 0705

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