Robbins Collection

Archive Notes:

Comprising a collection of notebooks and account books from 1820 to 1863. These were found in April 1977 in a wall-papered-over cupboard at College Farm by Alan Rooney and were examined by the archive group in 1978 creating more than 1000 entries. The books can be viewed in WVA.

The contents of these have been summarised in a booklet written by Margaret Rosenthal entitled 'A Nineteenth Century Jack-of-all-Trades: James Robbins of Wheatley'. The book only refers to notebooks from 1830 and this book is available for sale in WVA. The earlier books could not have been written by the James Robbins whom the book describes, as it refers to him having been born in 1815. There are two James Robbins in the genealogical archive, one being this was one, born 1815, and the other his son, also James. The older notebooks may have been written by an earlier ancestor, perhaps also called James.

A small number of key matters are recorded on other accession numbers elsewhere in the digital archive and on the website.

The attached listing is also held in the General box

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