Ambrose Farm

  • Ambrose Farm
  • Floor plans from 2008 brochure
  • The mark in the Bressumer beam at Ambrose Farm
  • A very similar mark found on
Archive Notes:

Listing details and reprt by Oxfordshire Buildings Record (OBR) in 2019 of the history of the house. Since the report was produced, further consideration has been given to the mark on the Bresummer beam. It is now considered that it was produced by a 'race knife' or scoop knife used to cut more prominent marks (than those used as level marks which are made with a fine blade) in timber. As such, it has a greater likelihood of being an apotropaic (warding off evil) mark. A similar mark has been found on a website in November 2019, which it is thought might be 'Marian' (related to the Virgin Mary).

Sale brochure July 2008, with Estate Agents' measurements and floor plan. Also 32 photographs of interior and exterior held only in WVA.

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