Cromwell House (100 High Street)

  • Pink area was sold to Mr James Slater on 7 July 1852
Archive Notes:

Information from copies of deeds given by Tony Pratt whose family lived in Cromwell House,

There is said to be oblique reference in a deed of Fryday Cottage from the time of William and Mary (1689-1702) that the owners of this house owned other properties nearby including Cromwell House. A later addition is evident from the High Street frontage. It was originally thatched (part of the old roof structure remains) and its (much higher) roof space is alleged to have been used as a scarlet fever isolation hospital. Comments in the parish register reveal that there was scarlet fever there in 1863, and smallpox in 1865. The upper floor is said to have been used in the tanning business for the drying of skins, and later to have been used by a tailor. The panelling (to be more precise, the door to the gun cupboard) is said to have come from Holton Park where Cromwell’s daughter was married, hence the name of the house. Sold by a fellmonger in 1849 for private housing, with the plan that shows the buildings fronting Crown Square (including a Gig House), with the access from High Street.

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