108 Church Road, Daisy Green

  • Tombs bungalow
  • William Tombs as a young man
  • William Tombs and daughter Dorothy
  • 2010 sale announcement for new development
  • 108 Church Road in 2020
Archive Notes:

Photographs of the bungalow built by Alderman William Tombs in the late 1950s on land between College Farm and Church Road. Aldrerman Tombs lived here and, after his death, his daughter until she died c 2010. It was then demolished and 108 Church Road developed on the site (104 and 106 Church Road had already been built in the gap between the bungalow and Friday Lane, see record 1858 where the bungalow is to the left of 106 Church Road). Also two photos of William Tombs one with daughter Dorothy working on the farm. A terrace of three houses (108a, 108b, and 108c) was built in 2010 to replace the Tombs' bungalow.

Also 2010 press advertisement for the sale of these three properties, and photo of the front in 2020.

Other construction photos can only be seen at WVA

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