Holton Park

  • 1913 sale main map
  • 1913 sale village centre map
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Booklet on Holton Park - parks in the Middle Ages.

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See https://www.wheatleypark.org/www/www/index.php/history-of-the-school

If you scroll down you will find a link to Holton Park, A Short History by Kevin Heritage

1913 Sale particulars and maps are shown. The back ground to this sale is as follows.

In 1911 Stafford Tyndale Biscoe , who had inherited the estate from his father William, in 1895, did not receive any cash, that was split between his 7 siblings. This proved too much for him, rents were low, profit even less. He tried and failed with several enterprises but failed , or was duped by so-called 'associates' , and this meant that he had no cash. When he died of appendicitis in Norfolk in 1911, his widow Ethel, was forced to sell the estate due to death duties on the estate for the second time in 16 years.

The whole manorial estate was sold to someone called Alexander Crundale. Within two years he had put the estate up for sale in the lots shown in the attachment. Harry Briggs bought the Park House and the immediate estate and sold it again in 1925 to members of the Balfour family. It is believed that Harry Briggs then moved into Wheatley.

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