12, 14 and 20 High Street

  • 12 High Street, Catchmole Cottage
  • 12 High Street (left) and 14 High Street (right)
  • 14 High Street showing its many rear extensions
  • 20 High Street
  • 'The Green' as it is today - little of this has survived after residential was built on the High Street and Littleworth Road frontages
  • 1937 map extract showing Breach Cottages (and the original access to these), No 20 having not been built until a yaer ot two later and Nos 12 and 14 High Street
  • Date not known
Archive Notes:

14 High Street is to the right of 12 High Street. Originally, this was a small house with a detached garge with an upper floor. The gap between this was later filled in, as was the gap between the garage and another outbuilding, this filled-in gap now housing the indoor swimming pool.

No 20, Valmahar, which stands back from the road was re-developed on the site of a previous dwelling which had been built in 1938/9. The re-developed hoise is shown from agents particulars on the internet.

The gable end of 12 High Street shows evidence that this was originally a single-storey dwelling.

A 1937 map extract shows what existed in 1950.


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