High Street and Church Road junction

  • Plan showing buildings to be demolished in 1959
  • Oxford Times article
  • Similar photo taken in 2018 to the Oxford times sketch
  • Barton Cottage in 1969 showing similar roof line to the Oxford Times sketch
  • Comparison of aerial images from 1954 and 2018 showing the buildings demolished in 1959 in red.
Archive Notes:

Map of the junction of Littleworth Road, Kiln Lane, High Street and Church Road with details of properties (and Oxford times article) of those to be demolished for road widening at this tight 4-way corner. Similar photograph to the Oxford Times sketch taken in 2018, and 1969 photo of Barton Cottage, 2 High Street showing that this house was in a similar form to the sketch then. The 1954 aerial photograph shows the buildings demolished in 1959.

The garden side of 2 Church Road is shown and there is a write-up on this property, previously 1 and 3 High street and its association with the butchery business and slaughterhouse carried on by the Rose family, who had acquired this property in 1751, in the 18th and 19th centuries. There was a slaughter house on the site from 1809 to 1938, and cattle were pastured on the Green awaiting slaughter. Map extract and photo show the site of premises used by the Rose family for a butcher's business. William Rose 'baconman and grocer' bought the property in 1751. Ernest Alden took over the business in 1911 and it closed in 1938. No. 5 High Street was originally two cottages and was owned early in the 20th century by Joseph Frampton and it was, at one time, a beer house or ale house called the Royal Oak. The alley beside it was known as Frampton’s alley. Nos 1 High Street and 3 High Street are now 2 Church Road.

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