37 High Street, The Crest

  • 1780 firemark showing that the house was insured with Royal Exchange Assurance - the detail of the firemark on the house and the Royal's firemark are both shown inset at the bottom
  • The Firemark
  • The Firemark
  • The rear of 30A Church Road in 2018
  • Fire mark in 2004
Archive Notes:

Photos and notes on this property including details of the 1780 Firemark, the year which the building was built, see record 1234 for more detail. Its ownership extends to Church Road. It has a fire mark (number 158744) from that date showing that the house was insured with Royal Exchange Assurance. Thomas Guy owned the house in 1797, John Casemore was the tenant in 1845. His niece, Julia Casemore (d. 1921) inherited the tenancy, but had moved out of the village by 1881. By 1911, the widowed Ellen Welford was the tenant here, believed to be Ellen Gunn before her marriage (three children in 1911 when she was living in this house, by then owned by William Mitchell). Ellen (born 1877) was a charwoman and she or her parents who lived at All Souls Cottage must have had some friendship (or even family relationship) with the Casemores, which might explain why Ellen was buried in Julia's grave, albeit some 50 years apart.

Photo of the rear of 30A Church Road, part of this property's ownership in 2018.

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