83 and 87 High Street

  • Extract from 1937 to clarify the text document
  • 2020. Panorama of 83 High Street (left) and 87 High Street
  • Earlier map showing that some of the rear land was then owned by 76 Church Road
  • Swimming pool built on the ex-Church Road land. The rear of 87 High Street is in the background
  • Rear extension built in the mid-1970s
  • Rear extension built in the mid-1970s
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'A plain man's guide to the title deeds' of Lynton House, 83 High Street and 87 High Street from 1874 until 1973 with explanatory notes added in 2018 by Michael Heaton. Both properties were in the same ownership over a considerable period, passing from Sheldon to Turner, who lived at 83, Lynton House, and created the shop at 87 High Street. At some stage part of the rear land of 76 Church Road was acquired (see map extract showing the earlier ownerships) and the swimming pool (see the photograph) at the rear of Lynton House 'sits' on part of this land. The current owner (2020) acquired the property in 1973 and built the extension, shown in the two photographs.

83 High Street, Lynton House, has a now-covered stone on an internal wall which is dated 1756. It is likely that this was originally only a stone building which has been re-facaded in the mid 1800s as was the fashion for well-to-do houses.

The Manse had now 'moved' from Iliffe Cottage (or Iliffe House), 45 Church Road, to Lynton House, 83 High Street, which is where Rev. Robert Henry Ives lived in 1939, according to the Kelly Directory.

See 1168 for photos and other information.

For information on Arthur Maddocks, see record 2526

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