Lynton House, 83 High Street and 87 High Street

  • Lynton House, 83 High Street, photo undated
  • 87 High Street when Ted Turner's shop. In 2020 this was two shops, Snobby Dogs and Bruin cafe
  • 2018. 87 High Street.
  • 2018. 83 High Street
  • 2000. Ted Turner's shop
Archive Notes:

83 High Street, Lynton House, has a now-covered stone on an internal wall which is dated 1756. It is likely that this was originally only a stone building which has been re-facaded in the mid 1800s as was the fashion for well-to-do houses. The house, which is raised up from the current road level by about 0.5 metres, has a cellar whose floor level is about 1.9 metres lower than the ground floor at the front - so this cellar floor level is some 1.4 metres below the current road level. The ground floor level rises a little towards the back of the property. This suggests that the bedrock (typically found on the north side of the High Street) is at a significantly lower lever than it is towards the east end of the High Street.

87 High Street This was the premises of Charles Sheldon, coal merchant (who owned one of the first traction engines in the village) in early 20C. The shop, developed in 1937, stood on land owned by Charles Sheldon. The shop was owned by Ted Turner who is reported to have sold almost anything – TV, video, electrical appliances, children's toys and games, bicycles, sherry glasses. cards with holes in them to send a £1 coin, and would repair anything! 1st floor added in 1978. Now (2020) Snobby Dogs and Bruin cafe (previously Ochre and Yemaya's Kitchen). Other owners and occupiers since 1874 are shown in archive number 1169.

There is today no 85 High Street.

Also Eulogy on Ted Turner, who died in 2012.

See record 1169 for more detailed ownership information.

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