81, High Street, The White Hart

  • The White Hart probably late 1980s
  • Date not known. The White Hart
  • 2018, when Cinnamons
  • 2000, when Zaffron
  • The White Hart. probably late 1980s
  • The previous sign support
  • Building for sale in 2023
Archive Notes:

Three photos of the White Hart, and later ones when Zaffron and Cinnamons were trading, and one in 2023 when the building was up for sale.

First mention of this inn was in 1577. A White Hart was the Yorkist badge of Richard II. The building which we are now looking at was the last location of an inn with this name. From 1763, the Turnpike Trustees met here, and Post Office business was carried on here until 1788 when it was transferred to the Crown Inn. The building standing today (2018) was the last location of an inn with this name, this being built probably sometime in the first half of the 19th century and closed in 1999. The Inn itself is now (2018) Cinnamons Indian restaurant (in 2000, it was Zaffron) and the clubroom, (recently developed as housing) was the meeting place for the Morris Men.

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