68-80 High Street, Vale Brook House & shops

  • c. 1970 High Street view with the shops built 1967
  • Vale Brook House, 80 High Street
  • The shops were built on the garden of James Munt's house
  • 2018. Vale Brook House
  • 1910 map showing the large garden (484 on map extract) which became the site for these shops
Archive Notes:

Photos of Vale Brook House, 80 High Street and the shops built in 1967 on the site of James Munt's adjacent house and large garden. Also photo from 2018.

The grounds of this house stretched along the street as far as the end of the new shops and to the South-West to the grounds of Bell Lane School. Mr E “Staggy” Munt had an orchard and market garden here. He took his produce to Oxford in a horse drawn cart. Pye’s bought the estate in 1967 and put up six shops, enclosing what was left of the garden with a high brick wall. One old apple tree remains.


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